Our wax is specially formulated for sensitive skin and areas making your waxing experience no matter what body part more comfortable. I have been trained by famous well-known waxers as well as the top spas and salons over my years of expertise starting in 2001. With my expertise I have created my own technique  ensuring a less painful, less irritating, more comfortable in bearable Waxing experience that is quick and extremely efficient.



• Eye brow design $19 - We will design your brows based on your facial structure and your brow goals

•Lip $12 - Hair is  remove from upper lip

•Chin $15 - Hair is removed from Chin and bottom lip

•Nose $15 - Hair is removed from inside the nostrils

•Ears $15 - Includes hair on outer edges, lobes And the hairs sticking out of ear canal

•Sideburns $15 - The hair Between ear and cheek from hairline to jawline

•Cheeks $15 - Includes the entire cheek area

•Brazilian $50 - Women only. Complete hair removal on pubic area from front all the way to the back tailbone. Sometimes leaving a landing strip or triangle

•Full bikini $40 - Include as much or as little hair as you would like removed not including butt strip

•Bikini line $34 - Includes removal of only the hair that grows outside of your bikini line usually about 2 to 4 fingers with wide

•Butt cheeks $30 woman $40 men  - Or “Glutes” Waxy includes the entire cheeks and butt crack

•Chest $30 - Hair is removed from collarbone to top of stomach

•Chest Strip $19 - Starts from the top of stomach to waist line usually about 23 fingers width wide

•Stomach wax $30 - Hair is removed  from top of stomach to waist line and from left to right sides or  torso

•Stomach strip $19 - Starts from the top of stomach to waistline usually about two or three fingers width wide

•Fullback $60 - Hair is removed from top of shoulders to the tailbone

•Upper Back $30 - Paris remove from topper so there’s two bottom of shoulder blades

•Lower back $20 women $30 men - Harrisonville from bottom of shoulder blades to tailbone

•Full leg $68 women $75 men - Includes feet and toes

•1/2 legs $40 - Can either be from the knees up only for from the knees down including feet and toes

•Feat $15 - Tops of feet and toes

•Full arms woman $40 man $45 - Starting at the shoulders including hands and fingers

•1/2 Arms $30 women $35 man - Can be from the shoulders to Elbows only or from the elbows down including the hands and fingers

•Hands $15 - Tops of hands and fingers

•Underarms $18 women $20 men - Includes the entire underarm area

Eyelash Tinting $20

Brow Tinting $20

Eyelash tinting is a form of semi permanent hair dye develop specially for the use on the eyelashes. I left contain produces a similar effect mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thicken see your parents of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off. To color will be determined whether a more dramatic or natural lash would be best for you. Tenant will last an average of 4 to 7 weeks.

Eyebrow tent is a form of semi permanent hair dye formulated specially for the use on the eyebrows. Your brows will appear fuller, sticker, adding Debs and definition. Tint color will be selected to match your hair color in expertly applied.

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